TRAI Planning To Charge Calls made To Customer Care

The telecom regulator Of India planing to meet the two telecom industry bodies next week — Cellular Operators Association of India and the Association of Unified Service Providers of India — over a demand by the industry that they be allowed to charge subscribers for calls made to customer care . At present, all calls made to the customer care are free.

“Operators have told us that a significant majority of calls that mobile users make to customer care are for enquiry purposes, and not related to grievances. Since running these call centres and offering customer care involves a huge cost, they want consumers to pay for this service,”

But Trai officials are divided on the demand by telcos. “We do not have any mechanism to determine if a call to the customer is for a complaint, enquiry or for other purpose. Interpretations can vary. We want to give telcos a hearing on this issue,” another Trai official added.


The Trai is also planning to Close the Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry, as this has failed its purpose of ensuring that telemarketers do not make unsolicited calls or send SMSs to those enlisted in the DNC. Instead, the regulator plans to explore the option of setting up a ‘Do-Call’ registry, where only registered users would be called by telemarketing firms.

Mohammad Aamir

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  1. Sir, In Robertsganj which comes in MIRZAPUR Range,UP the BSNL started mobile POST PAID services in year 2003.On taking the sim cards of POST PAID service,the BSNL has compelled to deposite Rs.2500/as security money.But nowadays they are giving the messages that the credit money is exceeding more than RS.1000/ and are giving the disconection warning SMS to their subscribers, although previously the bills about more than Rs.2000/ were coming and they were deposited but these days at about near end of the every month the disconnection warning SMSs have disturbed the BSNL’s POST PAID subscribers.It is great mockery that the security money Rs.2500/-is already deposited but after crossing the Rs.1000/limit the service disconnection SMSs are being sent to their valuable subscribers by BSNL. Being a Govt. Co. the BSNL has become more irresponsible than other service providers and this may also be a conspiracy to compelled the subscribers to adopt the services of other mobile service providers through number portability.
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    Thanking you.

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