Now Reliance Also Launching APP STORE

After Aircel & Airtel
Now its Reliance Communications , announced it will Launch its APP STORE  ” RWorld 2.0 ” a 3G Ready Data Portal in GSM and as well as in CDMA services thro “R World”

Reliance Applications Store will be First Launched in its GSM Services by this month end.
Then an Expanded Version will be Launched in its CDMA as well as GSM servisec by the end of this quarter.

From Reliance Applications Store users will be able to Browse / Download Applications Free or Charged  in some cases .
RWorld 2.0 would be equipped with delivery platform supporting on-device portals, idle screens, widgets and RSS readers showcasing latest developments across the world.

President Of Reliance Communications, Mahesh Prasad said, “It is our constant effort to offer our customers a “wow experience” and with the Launch of the Reliance Applications store, we will be taking a giant leap in that direction. Launch of Reliance applications store in India will provide consumers a broad selection of relevant, fun and exciting applications to choose from in the easiest possible way.”

Mohammad Aamir

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