Vodafone Launches 3G in Uttar Pradesh

Vodafone 3g launch india

Vodafone has Launched its 3G services in Lucknow and Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
In the next two months vodafone 3G is expected to be available in Allahabad and Varanasi

Vodafone Users in UP will be able to access Vodafone 3G for Free!

Vodafone East UP chief operations officer Ravi Santhanam said to ET

“The Vodafone 3G services will give its customers a faster, smarter and better mobile experience with internet access at speeds up to 21.1 Mbps”

Vodafone is already promoting its 3G services by its unique advertisments in between the ongoing cricket world cup matches

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  1. Hi all, I m in allahabad and as per last update vodaone launches it’s service in allahabad. But now I m in villeg which is 40 km far from allahabad and I have activeted a 3g plan cost rupee 101. But I m not able to use 3G services so what should I do plz suggest me…

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