Apple iPad 2 launches in Japan

apple ipad 2
Apple iPad 2

Apple has Launched latest version of its popular gadget iPad , Apple iPad 2 in Japan

Orginally Apple had planned to launch iPad 2 in Japan last month but because of the quake it had got delayed

The cost of Apple iPad 2 in Japan ranges from 44,800 to 60,800 yen depending on the version of iPad

Last year Apple had sold more than 15 million iPads worldwide

Apple is also Launching iPad 2 in India Tommorow

Apart from India, Apple will also Launch iPad 2 in Hong Kong, Israel, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates Tommorow , April 29 2011

Mohammad Aamir

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  1. Yeah even I wish if they could sell at the original iPad’s price. But whatever it’s worth to pay 1.5 k extra and getting it earlier.this is no sense in bringing only wifi or only 3g product in todays age of communication n connectivity even cheapest tablet and smartphone has both 3g and wifi.Sorry to say that but i am atleast not considering to buy ipad2 even though its great and going with others options in market

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