Android Vs Windows Comparison

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

As Google’s Android operating system is becoming increasingly popular and its becoming difficult for users to make a choice between operating system, One of our Guest reader has taken the effort of comparing the two big operating systems..

Android or Windows ?? Android is one of the world’s most popular mobile phone operating systems.
Google has done well to grow the platform from humble roots to a cutting edge software package that works with the lowliest budget handsets like the ZTE Racer to the range-topping Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. At this point in time Microsoft is the pretender to its throne, receiving positive reviews for its Windows Phone 7 operating system and working with leading manufacturers to create high end handsets like the HTC 7 Pro. To determine which platform is the one for you, let us look at the positive and negative aspects of each.

First of all Android is an open source platform, which means that manufacturers and software developers from across the world can tinker with its innards and modify the experience to bring diversity to the market [provide they meet some basic req] . As such you can get Android on mobile phones which have vastly different specifications and are operated in very different ways  The downside is that there is some fragmentation in the market, with new versions of Android arriving every six months and manufacturers playing catch-up when it comes to updating legacy handsets so that they are still compatible with the latest apps and features.

Windows Phone 7 is much more closed down than Android, which in a way makes it easier to compare to Apple’s iOS. The interface and user experience will be virtually identical across all of the different mobile phones which use the platform, not only because manufacturers cannot add their own software on top but also because they must abide by a set of strict minimum specifications. The good news is that by enforcing a basic level of hardware you can be sure that all Windows Phone 7 mobile phones will be able to run the apps which are available from the marketplace. There are some exceptions to the rule, like the HTC 7 Pro which features a slide-out landscape QWERTY keypad with an angled hinge, but this helps to add a bit of diversity to the handsets available.

Apps will be a very important area to consider for any user and in this respect Android is arguably ahead of the game, given its significant head start over Windows Phone 7. There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the Android Market compared to the few thousand available on Windows Phone 7, but Microsoft is catching up as more developers sign on to create unique content. The price of apps on Windows Phone is also higher, but the quality is also decent, with support for Xbox Live apps allowing gamers to earn achievements as they play on their mobile phones.

The Xperia Arc, which we mentioned earlier, has a stable mate called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. This is a handset designed to compete with the gaming prowess of Windows Phone 7 and its Xbox Live integration by coming with PlayStation certification and slide-out gaming controls. This is just one example of how Android is the do-all operating system while Windows Phone 7 caters to high end users

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