Vodafone Launches Re.1 Chillarai Recharge

Vodafone 3g launch india

Vodafone has Launched Chillarai Recharge for its prepaid users in Tamil Nadu.

The Chillarai Recharge will be helpfull to consumers as well as retailers in situations when there is no change.

Now instead of getting a 1 rupee or 2 rupee tofee u could get Re.1 or Re.2  Chillarai recharge !

Vodafone Essar Tamil Nadu COO Suresh Kumar

”Chillarai recharge is an innovative and revolutionary approach to maximize every penny. We at Vodafone have always sought every possible means to assist our customers and Chillarai recharge is one such unique offering.”



1 Rupee Chillarai recharge
Cost – Rs. 1

  • Free Local Vodafone Night Minutes – 10 Minutes¬†[10 pm to 8 am]
  • Validity – 1 Day

2 Rupee Chillari recharge
Cost – Rs. 2

  • Free Local Vodafone Night Minutes – 20 Minutes [10 pm to 8 am]
  • Validity – 1 Day



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