Angry Birds New Level Golden Egg in Galaxy S 2

Angry Birds

UPDATE – Available for other platforms as well..

Samsung finding new and new ways to market ther mobiles.
Now Samsung Galaxy S 2 has got a new Golden Egg level in Angry birds mobile game

The Golden Egg is in the third level of Summer Pignic
U can see the video in the below link to see where exactly is the Golden Egg

U can see the Video and download the game for galaxy s 2 fromĀ here

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Mohammad Aamir

2 Responses to Angry Birds New Level Golden Egg in Galaxy S 2

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that level before. It is the same golden egg level that you unlock in Summer Pignic, after you find the golden egg in level 1-3. I was wondering why would Samsung market it as “super secret” level, when every Angry Birds regular player has already found it in all platforms.

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