Send SMS, Call or open Apps Without Touching ur Windows Mobile

Speech Feature in Windows Mobile Mango

Nokia Lumia Windows Mobile Now Officially Announced

The new Windows Mango will have a Voice-to-text feature, which will allow you to send SMS [Text messages] even without touching your mobilephone [using handsfree] and it will also read out any Text messages it will receive

There is also a possibilty that this feature will be available in the upcoming Nokia WIndow Mobile but nothing officially announced yet

Anyway, here is a short conversation Bill Pardi of Windows Steam blog had while testing this feature

WP: You have a text message from Cody Pardi. You can say read it or ignore.
Me: Read it.
WP: “When will you be home?”
You can say reply, call or I’m done.
Me: Reply.
WP: Say your message.
Me: “In about 20 minutes.”
WP: [The phone transcribes and repeats the message] You can say send, try again, or I’m done.
Me: Send

Thats not all, the new speech features on mango of windows mobile can call your friend by just calling their name, can receive a call, just say the name of an application and windows mobile will open it for you!

See a Video about this new feature below

Some of the things Windows Mobile [Mango] can do by using speech feature are

  • Making a phone call by name or nickname
  • Redialing a number
  • Calling voicemail
  • Searching Bing
  • Turning on the speakerphone
  • Starting an app while in a call
  • Navigating Maps


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  1. it will rise mobile technology into new era, eager to have far as Making a phone call by name or nickname
    is present in Nokia phones now also.

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