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This is a Guest post by Simon

One of the things we must say about the new iPhone 4S is that just like the
iPhone 3GS, which followed on from the iPhone 3G -it is an improvement on an
existing design rather than a complete overhaul. The iPhone 4S perfects the
previous one in a number of ways and in our opinion is the update that was

Mark Hirst, the managing director of Best-Mobile-Contracts.co.uk has said,

“Apple, with the release of the 4S now has a dual core smartphone in line
with the likes of HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Where Apple wins through is
with the introduction of the iCloud, enabling flawless synching between all
its devices.”

The device manages to include the dual core processor many of the other
phones have and really ups the pace. This chip along with the new graphical
chip means the iPhone is far better enabled to play with the larger and more
powerful phones out there, even if the body is the same.

Apple has also given the phone the new OS that we have heard so much about
and in doing so has included the AirPlay mirroring technology for games,
Twitter integration and the excellent iMessage feature, which allows for
free message sending over the air between iPhones.

These, as well as the iPhone Find My Friends application and the improved
tray and notification reminders make the phone all the more desirable and
this upgrade is available to all iPhone users.

The Siri voice control is also a huge leap and allows you to have a phone
that learns on the go and as you talk to it. This amazing technology can be
used with virtually every app on the phone and we would say it is the
devices strongest selling point to a lot of people – typical Apple
integrating a new technology and making it their own.

The improved camera, with the 8mp resolution and the 1080p video taking
technology which plays back seamlessly with the amazing retina screen and
new GPU, will be the envy of many. As will the dual antenna, which means the
phone won’t go out of range as easily as it automatically switches between
both signals.

All of these positives make the device the most desirable iPhone ever in our
opinion and really fills in any gaps or problems with the previous iPh
one 4 contracts
and makes it once more the king of the smartphones.

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Mohammad Aamir

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