Samsung India appoints B D Park as new Managing Director

samsung managing director ceo president

Samsung India Electronics has appointed its new Managing Director as B D Park

B D Park will be B D Park, President and also the CEO of Samsung’s South-West Asia Operations. BD Park has been appointed and taken up the role today
Prior to this, B D Park was made the head of the Mobile and IT division at Samsung India in 2008

As President and CEO of South-West Asia’s Regional HQ, Park will oversee the operations of Samsung India Electronics, Samsung India Software Operations (SISO) and Samsung’s R&D centre at Bangalore along with Samsung India Software Centre (SISC) and SEL India
He will also take care the Samsung’s R&D centres at Noida, and samsung ‘ s operations in the SAARC region.

Park has worked in the overseas marketing planning group in Korea, Samsung’s Latin America Regional HQ and was the head of the company’s subsidiary in Chile.
Park became the Director of the Mobile Export team in 2001 and the Head of South East Asia/South West Asia/Middle East Marketing Group in Global Mobile Business in 2004.

According to the company

“Park brings with him over 28 years of work experience, having started his career with Samsung Electro Mechanics Co in 1983”

B D Park, the company’s New Managing Director  said

“It will be my endeavour to leverage the synergies of the existing Samsung businesses in India to ensure stronger growth for the company in this region”

Jung Shoo Shin has been the President and CEO, South-West Asia from February, 2009 till now

Jung Shin will be moving to South Korea where Samsung ‘ s Headquarter is located. But there is no information regarding what role or position will be given to Jung Shin


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  1. i’ve purchased 46″ lcd tv on 4th March and at that time there was an ofer of free 22″ lcd tv. But i got a call from someone in samsung and he says i wont be given the free tv. This person who called up is Mr. Saurabh said if i wanted then i could go to court against samsung.
    What kind of people samsung has hired? Is samsung boasting of customer satisfaction? I’m very much disappointed with samsung!

  2. I wish Mr Park All the Best on his New post.This is a wonderful name ‘Samsung;. Great reputation but I have recently not been treatd as a Good customer. I like to tell this to Mr. park in confidnce. Let me have his email address only.

  3. Hi

    I had purchased two smasung y s5360 .. I am facing issues with one of my mobile phone ssn-s5360gsmh as it’s getting hang .
    the battery back is also not great ….no one borthered to help but where just trying to transfer my call .even before i could finish talking …i wanted to replace my phone in case this doesn’t happen will write to indian consumer court .it’s been more then 1/2 hour i am still on hold …u guys state that calls recording .. I want the CEO to listen to the quality of service .no doubt apple has a name n market .Twice my phone has gone to the service center within a week ref no 4140197382-16 oct,
    4140452207-20oct…Bill no 4140452207

    • MR B.D .Park it has actually taken more then 10 days for your team to give an solution …Service is extremely poor ..On friday i had visited your service center at patel nagar I made Mehrang Shah Assist manager of your company to speak with his three employees who gave me and him three diffrent statements about the issuse of my that i had requested him to replace my phone or refund my money as I had brought two phones of your brand .He asked for time which I was happy to give him .post 96 hrous I had to follow up with him and he said that he would provide me refund …My question was refund for both phone as you don’t want me as a customer on which he said no for one phone …My question if you don’t want me to be your costomer then give me refund on both the phones …My second question is what about compensation of the poor service and screeguard cost which I have spend on my phone .For which he had no answer and I told him that I will take this with you ..He agrred that he would send someone with the cheque for a refund of one phone without any compensation and the cost of screenguard /cover . This convsersation happened on 30Oct.Today is 1 Nov still waiting for the cheque …Yesterday I got a call from Jag pal singh 01139418282 – hsp executive along with Rahul Pandey.Rahul pandey so called manager really needs soft skills training and customer handling skills ..He was rude and disconnected my call .Till date he has not send the cheque which he was suppose to do …The cheque which I am referring is the refund amount of my phones now ..Maybe the guy has no powers and wanted to consult Mehrang ….Mr park I really don’t understand ..I had brought an apple product and the service which these guys provide is wow.your team like rahul /Suraj upadhay are just spoiling your company ‘s image .

      My request is simple …

      If you guys don’t want to give me compensation then pls give me refund of both my phones …

      If you want to give me a refund of one phone and want me to be your costomer pls give me a refund of one of my phone as advised by you along with compensation
      Mr Park not sure of TAT for complaints ….Poor service

  4. Mr park .. I have been following my complaint with Samsung guys for long now …As advised earlier I had purchased two phones of the same model. This is the third time now on Friday 26 Oct I had again visited your service centre car zone in west patel nagar where I made Mehran Shah your teams assistant manger to speak to three of the staffs .The two ladies confirmed him that we have changed the PBA hardware and updated ddlf2 version 2.3.6 …The twist came in when I asked Suraj Upadhya so called rude manager of Care centre to give me this in writing wherein he lost is tamper and said you can go to any level we will not give you this in writing ….Poor customer skills ..One of the face of your company ethics …..
    I had to call Mehran and he apologised and asked for some time ..I was happy to give the same as I understand these are phones and they can go wrong….Post 96 hrs I had to follow with Mehran …..(Why should I follow up …Do you guys don’t have a follow tracker or you guys get so many complains that it’s difficult to manage)He advise me that we would give a refund of one phone as per invoice …..( My question to Mr Park is if you don’t want me as a customer which I am happy about pls give me a refund on both phones ….And if you want me to try my luck again with your product pls give compensation of your poor service /cost of my screenguard /cover along with refund of my one phone )On this Mehran said that he will only give a refund of phone without the cost of screen guard /cover ..Is this my fault ….I told him to process my refund and I will take this with Mr park as he has not provided any service ..Till date I have been following with Mehran, Jag pal singh 01139418282 – hsp executive and your rude Manager Rahul Pandey .Rahul Pandey disconnect my phone and till date have not sorted my case ….I had asked for his superviour which he didn’t give .Raised his tone …Really needs soft skills and customer handling training …..What employees to samsung hire …..
    Mr Park not sure what’s the TAT for your team to solve cases …Do you mange this block or it’s just there as apple does that …..Guys care ,customer service these are the terms which has no meaning for Samsung

    I HATE HATE HATE YOU SAMSUNG… I purchased Samsung biosleep AC 5 years back…. Since then more than an asset it is a liability. In 5 years I have got it repaired 3 times. We use it only during summers and that tooo for 2-3 hours daily during night as I have daughter and too much AC does not suit her. On average I have used it for only 1800 hrs. In that I have got 3 major repairs.

    Last year onl 19th March I got gas filled in AC and this time in April 2013 it is again gas problem. This is so awful. I paid for these repairs from my pocket. what the helll … I registered the complaint 10 days back and no one came with 4 reminders. Finally after lot of howling on phone they send a technician just to tell me that its gas problem and that too it is gas problem and it will not get rectified today. I HATE YOU SAMSUNG .. I swear I will never ever buy a samsung product and I want to spread this awareness …. if you buy samsung product you surely have lot of patience and lot of money to shell out for repairs

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