Double Confirmation before Activation of Value Added Services- TRAI

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Airtel Idea Vodafone 3G India

Since Activation of Value Added Services by service providers without the explicit consent of the consumer has become one of the major problem faced by the users, Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India [TRAI] has now issued new guidelines for activation and de-activation of the Value Added Services.

These directions essentially prescribe the manner in which the explicit consent of the consumer is to be obtained for activation of value added services through different modes.

Some of the important points are

  • VAS activation procedure to include all forms of activations and scenarios – OBD, IVRS, WAP, Mobile Internet, USSD, SMS, Tele-calling and any other mode of activation.
  • The service provider has to provide a system which takes a second consent from the customer before providing a value added service through any means- OBD, IVRS, WAP, Mobile Internet, USSD, SMS, Tele-calling or any other mode of activation.
  • The first offer of a service is on the service providers platform
  • A second confirmation from the customer is through a dedicated consent gateway which is owned by a third party a
  • Only after receiving a second confirmation from the customer, that the service provider shall activate the value added service.
  • Common de-activation procedure and all requests for de-activation to be completed in 4 hours
  • The deactivation procedure to be publicized through advertisements in newspapers, updation in the website and SMS blasts.
  • 24 hours before auto renewals of the VAS services, information about renewals to be provided to the customers, through SMS and Outbound Dialing (OBD).
  • In case of wrong activation, the amount shall be refunded within 24 hours of the customer’s request. [Such customer requests should be within 24 hours for value added services with validity of more than one day and for services of one day request should be made within 6 hours
  • In case of USSD and SMS mode of activation, no activation response time should be greater than 10 seconds and 60 minutes respectively and in case of non-response, the same should be treated as ‘no activation required’.
  • Upon activation of VAS service, the de-activation number, the validity of the VAS service and charges for renewal should be explicitly informed.
  • Monthly report on activations, de-activations and complaints received and their redressal to be submitted to TRAI.

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