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India Mobile Additions, Total Subscribers base September 2010

Cellular Operators Association of India has released the Subscriber Additions for the month of September
The Details are as follows..

Aircel  has Added 1.6 Million Users and has a Total of  46.515 million subscribers

Airtel has Added  2.040 Million Users and has a Total of  143.292 million subscribers

BSNL has Added 2.335 Million Users and has a Total of  72.693 million subscribers
IDEA has Added 1.477 Million Users and has a Total of  74.213 million subscribers

Loop has Added 15,788 Users and has a Total of  2.983 million subscribers

MTNL has Added 35,146 Users and has a Total of  5.024 million subscribers

Vodafone has Added 1.778 Million Users and has a Total of  115.553 million subscribers

S Tel  has Added 122,774 Users and has a Total of  1.642 million subscribers

Uninor has Added 2.173 Million Users and has a Total of  11.267 million subscribers

Videocon has Added 817,373 Million Users and has a Total of  4.482 million subscribers

GSM Mobile Subscriber August 2010, comes with surprises

Cellular Operator Association Of India has Released the GSM Mobile subscriber Additions for the month August  2010

This Time Vodafone added the highest number of subscribers beating Bharti Airtel .

Surprisingly BSNL , the government operator added the second highest
And see how is following BSNL.. its Uninor !!!

Here goes the Details..

Vodafone has added 2.3 Million subscribers , Total 113.7 Million subscribers

BSNL has added 2.29 Million Users , Total 70.3 Million Users

Uninor has added 2.22 Million Users , Total 9.0 Million Users

Bharti Airtel has added 2.0 Million subscribers , Total 141.2 Million subscribers

Aircel  has added 1.6 Million subscribers and toke its  Total subscribers to 44.9 Million

IDEA has added 1.9 Million subscribers , Total 72.7 Million subscribers

Loop has added 20883, Total 2.9 Million subscribers

MTNL has added 41608 Users , Total 4.9 Million Users

S Tel has added 96455 Users , Total 1.5 Million Users

Videocon has added 0.8 Million subscribers , Total 3.6 Million subscribers

July Mobile Subscriber Additions. All operators add less

COAI [Cellular Operator Association of India] has Released Subscriber additions for the month of July.
Almost all operators has added less susbscribers compared to previous months

Bharti  Airtel India’s Leading Operator again stood front adding  2.600 Million Subscribers and made its Total 139.220 Million Subscribers.  [However airtel added less subscribers compared to last months]

Vodafone added 2.404 Million Subscribers and its Total Subscriber Base is now 111.465 Million Subscribers

Aircel has added 1.617 Million Subscriber and its Total Subscriber base is now 43.296 Million

MTNL operating in mumbai and Delhi added 45,558 Users which made its Total 4.947 Million Subscribers

The other govt. operator  BSNL which operates in other circles added 1.177 Million Subscribers Making its Total  68.065 Million Subscribers

Idea Cellular has added 1.862 Million Subscribers and its Total Subscriber base stood at  70.748 Million Subscribers

Loop Mobile operating in Mumbai added 20,431 Subscribers and now has a Total of  2.947 Million Subscribers

S Tel  added  96,537  its Total 1.423 Million  Subscribers

Uninor the Joint Venture between Unitech and Telenor added  850,143 Subscribers and made its Total Users Base 6.873 Million Subscribers

Videocon has added 835,032 and its  Total base is now  2.77 Million Users

June 2010 Subscriber Additions – Airtel again Leads..

COAI [Cellular Operators Association of India] has releasedSubscriber additions for the month of June

Bharti Airtel has added 3 Million new Users [which is the highest] and taken its Total Base to 136.6 Million Users

Vodafone has added 2.713 million new users in jun 2010 which had made its Total Subscriber base 109.060 million

IDEA Cellular has added 2.159 million new users and toke its Total Subscriber base to 68.886 million subscribers

Aircel has added 1.6 Million new users and toke its Total subscriber base to 41.6 million
Government operator MTNL which operates in mumbai and delhi has added  44,413 new user and its Total User base became 4.902 million users

Its big brother BSNL has added 1.097 million new users and made its Total User base to 66.88 million

Loop mobile which operates in mumbai has added 15,112 new subscribers and its Total Subscriber base is   2.926 million

Videocon has added 547,821 new users making its Total 1.942 million

S Tel has added 93,259 subscribers which made its Total 1.326 million

Uninor which prev reported fall in ther subscriber base has now added  1.010 million new users in June 2010 and made its Total Subscriber Base 6.023 million

UPDATE: Reliance Communications GSM+CDMA Added 2.8 Million Users in June 2010

GSM Mobile Subscriber Additions in May 2010

COAI. has released Subscriber additions for the Month of May 2010

Bharti Airtel has added 3 Million Users in May

Vodafone has added 2.59 Million Subscribers in May & has a Total of 106.3 Million Users

Reliance Communications added 2.82 Million New Users & made its Total 108 million.

Tata Teleservices [GSM + CDMA] has added 2.33 Million Users in May 2010 and  its Total has crossed 70 Million

Uninor net base did not increase but has decreased a bit, by 8722 approx

Cheers [Etisalat DBadded over 5,000 New users

Aircel added  1.6 million New Users

IDEA Cellular added 1.4 million  

BSNL has added 1.04 million Users & had around 65.79 million
MTNL added 40,297 new Users & toke its Total 4.85 million.

S Tel added 1 Lakh New users

Videocon, in its first month added 1.39 Million Users.

Loop Mobile in Mumbai added 17,174 Users

April India GSM Subscriber Additions , Airtel Adds Highest

April GSM Subsciber Additions are now available .

A Total of 11.18 Million New Users Have been added in April , this excludes Reliance as it has still not reported its April Additions.

Bharti Airtel added the highest with  3 million new Users and toke its Total Subscriber Base to 130.6 Million.

Vodafone came second adding 2.9 million new users taking its Total Subscriber Base to 103.8 Million

IDEA Cellular added 1.5 Millionnew usersand made its Total Subscriber Base 65.3 Million

Aircel added 1.6 Million & Total Subscriber Base became 38.5 Million

BSNL added 1.2 Million & its Total Subscriber Base became 64.7 Million.

Loop Mobile added 49,928  & toke its Total Subscriber Base to 2.8 Million.

MTNL added 32,217 & made its Total Subscriber Base 4.8 Million.

Vodafone adds Maximum Users in MARCH 2010, Total add. – 20 Million

In March, 20 Million New users have been added which has taken the Total Subscriber Base is now 584.32 million users

Vodafone added Maximum new users – 3.6 million users

followed by Bharti Airtel which added 3 million users .

Other Operators

RCom – almost 3 million users

Tata Teleservices -2.8 million

BSNL – 2.7 million

Aircel – almost 2 million

Idea Cellular – 1.7 million.

S Tel – 0.2 million

Videocon – 32,000

Relinace Mobile 100 Million Subscriber base

India‘s one of the leading Mobile Operator Reliance subscriber base has Reached 100 million [Including Both GSM and CDMA ]

At the end of January 2010 Its Total Subscriber Base was 96.6 Million.

This was to happen , with the kind of tariff its providing .

Everthing changed since it launched SIMPLY RELIANCE PLAN according to which call any mobile mobile , landline ,Local or STD at 50 paise per minute  and sms anyone at just 50 paise per minute.

Later it extended by intoducing in per second….