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Mobile Number Portability Launches in India, Haryana

Mobile Number Portability [MNP] has been Launched in Haryana by the Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal, ET Reports

MNP or Mobile Number Portability is a service using which user can change its mobile operator without changing ther mobile number . i.e u can switch Airtel to Voda or any other operator without changing ur mobile number

While on the other states or circles of India ,  MNP is expected to be available from January 20, 2011

Change ur operator without changing mobile number frm Nov 25

MNP India

Atlast mobile users will be able to use MNP [Mobile Number Portability] from November 25

MNP or Mobile Number Portability is a service using which mobile user will be able to change ther mobile operator without changing ther mobile number

As said earlier MNP will be first launched in haryana, and users can start giving request to change ther mobile operator from November 25  [See this for more]

Mobile Number Portability Launching in India, November 1

The much awaited Mobile Number Portability [MNP] will finally be Launched on November 1 starting from Haryana and will extent to other circles..

According to Deccan Herald Telecom Minister A Raja said,

“The MNP will be launched on November 1, starting with Haryana.The service is expected to be extended to the rest of the country in phases”

According To Economic Times Mr. Raja has said

“MNP would be partially operational from November 1. We wanted to inaugurate it in Haryana,” said Mr Raja. Syniverse Technologies , one of the two joint ventures selected by the department of telecom, will implement the first phase of MNP, to be completed by December 20. Trial runs in Haryana are expected to begin by November 8.

In case u didint know what is MNP, Then Mobile Number Portability or simply MNP is service through which Users can change ther operator without changing ther mobile number

TRAI has already said that mobile users can be charges maximum of Rs. 19 for chabging ther numbers.
Mobile operators can charge users less than Rs. 19 but cannot charge more than Rs. 19

Some Rules…

  • User can changed his/her mobile operater, only after a minimum of 3 months or 90 days
  • Post-paid users should pay all ther bill or dues before porting ther number to any other mobile operator
  • If Postpaid user had paid any deposits, then it may not retturned or refunded to the users if he changes his operator

Not ready for MNP then No commercial Launch..

After so much of Delay, Department Of Telecom [DoT] has now decided that all mobile operators will not be allowed to Launch any commercial services if their network is found not ready for [MNP] Mobile Number Portability [with effect from September 1, 2010]

According to a note by DoT

It has been decided by the competent authority that permission to launch commercial services in any service area with effect from 1st September, 2010 shall be given to only those Licensee(s) who are MNP Compliant.

MNP Compliant – ensure that the Inter-Operator Test for poring as well as call scenario test as prescribed by TEC has bee completed

MNP has missed many deadlines, The last deadline set is October 31, 2010

Mobile Number Portability is service using which mobile users can change their mobile operator without changing their existing mobile number

BSNL which has played spoilspot is reportedly now ready to implement Mobile Number Portability

MNP New Deadline 31 October 2010 !

MNP has finally missed another deadline , now the new deadline for MNP is October 31

Previous official Deadline to implement MNP was June 30, which has even passed and now the government has announced a new deadline October 31 2010

Mobile Number Portability or MNP is a service which will allow mobile users to change their mobile operator without having to change their mobile number

Now after so much of  delay & controversies Lets see if this new deadline will be met or not

India Mobile Number Portability getting delayed to..

Mobile Number Portability, a service which allows mobile users to move to other operator without changing ther existing mobile number… But when it will launch ???? Many [including me] are fed up thinking when will this become reality..

Most Probably it will again be postponed & new deadline is yet to be announced…

According to Buissness Standard Govt may Postpone MNP to early Nxt Year.

It further says that a senior ministry official  said

“BSNL and MTNL are still not ready with their MNP equipment. While MTNL is yet to install gateways, BSNL’s gateway is under installation. This will delay the whole process by 4-6 months and the launch may be pushed to early next year ”

“The new dates will be announced soon. This time, we will ensure the service providers have enough time to get ready for MNP and there is no further extension for its implementation,”

And after installion,  operators expected to take upto 2 months to to test the facility among themselves..

Launch MNP In September – Comm. Ministry

The Communications Ministry has directed Telecos to Implement Mobile Number Portability [ MNP ] by September 2010.

Mobile Number Portability which allows Users to change ther Operator without having to change ther Number Could cause serious troubles to Top Operators in the country as they could loose ther High End Users in circles where they dont have 3G Spectrum

New Entrants like Aircel which have been waiting for MNP to bag the high spending users , the chances to get them have just increased as they have got 3G Spectrum in many circles

Airtel could loose in circles like Maharashtra , Gujarat, Kolkata & Kerala,

Vodafone  in Karnataka, Kerala & Rajasthan

RCOM in Maharashtra , Gujarat & Uttar Pradesh

Rumours: MNP June 30 Deadline May miss

Rumours are coming up that June 30 MNP [Mobile Number Portability] Deadline is likely to be missed because Uninor .,Govt ops BSNL.. are not ready with equipment.

DoT may decide a New Deadline in second half of May.

BSNL  is yet to install the MNP gateway.
However Uninor’s MNP gateway installation is underway.

MNP Gateway is required Porting between Operators.

Please note this is NOT OFFICIAL

Govt. – Launch MNP By June 30

Government has reportedly asked the Mobile Ops to follow the June 30 deadline for Launching Mobile Number Portability [ MNP ] and does not want any more delays. [Hopefully… First govt shud stay to this]

MNP or Mobile Number Portability will allow users to change ther mobile operator without changing ther mobile number

BSNL and MTNL will get the equipment shortly [hopefully..] and would start testing.
Private Operators are said to b already testing their equipment .

MNP Getting Delayed To July 2010

Mobile Number Portablilty is now again in trouble . Nothing New It MAY b delayed again.

This time the new dates r going to b som where around JULY.
Yes , Mostly Mobile Number Portability [MNP] will be delayed to JULY

If ur thinking whats this MNP or Mobile Number Portablilty then let me say u its service which will enable or allow Mobile Users to change ther Mobile Operator without changing ther Mobile Number